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Welcome to my little corner of the vast West Wing cyberfandom. I am a huge fan of Aaron Sorkin, the series creator. My other favorites among his works include the movie The American President and the series SportsNight.

The West Wing Cast Photo

The Cast of the Second Season of The West Wing (from left to right):
Press Secretary Claudia Jean "C.J." Cregg (Allison Janney), Deputy Chief of Staff
Joshua "Josh" Lyman (Bradley Whitford), Chief of Staff Leo McGarry (John Spencer),
President of the United States Josiah "Jed" Bartlett (Martin Sheen), Deputy Communications
Director Samuel "Sam" Seaborn (Rob Lowe), Communications Director Toby Zeigler
(Richard Schiff), Personal Assistant to the President Charles "Charlie" Young (Dule Hill), and
Senior Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff Donnatella "Donna" Moss (Janel Maloney)

I enjoy watching TWW on TV and am an avid reader of fan fiction based on it. I read several pairings including Leo/Margaret, Sam/Ainsley, and Toby/CJ, but ultimately, I am a diehard Josh/Donna 'shipper!

"Josh and Donna" (Brad and Janel)

Joshua Lyman and Donnatella Moss
(Bradley Whitford and Janel Maloney)

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Disclaimer: Much to my disappointment, I do not own the concept of The West Wing or any of the characters. All of it is the property of Aaron Sorkin, John Wells, Warner Bros., and NBC. My stories and art are for the sole purpose of entertaining myself and my friends. I haven't made any money from this at all. No copyright or intellectual property infringements are intended. Thank you.

*A note about the title of this site: In the first season episode "Six Meetings Before Lunch," Josh and Donna discuss what he refers to as her bad handwriting and what she calls her "distintive penmanship style." The dimples bit, I should hope would be self-evident! ;)

Site Contents

Fic: Fall From Grace [Teen (explicit language, sensitive psychological issues)] [J/D]
Summary: "I won't let you fall apart."

Drabble: His Best Asset [Mature (sexual imagery)] [J/D]
Summary: Response to the LiveJournal "tww100" Community "Sex!" challenge.

Drabble: Losing Her Religion [Adult (explicit three-way sex)] [J/D/Kate]
Summary: Response to the LiveJournal "tww100" Community "R.E.M Lyrics!" challenge.

Drabble: Tumbling Sideways [Young Teen (fluffy)] [J/D]
Summary: Response to the LiveJournal "tww100" Community "2005 Oscar Nominated Movies!" challenge.

Drabble: Josh's Valentine [All Audiences (fluffy)] [J/D]
Summary: Response to the LiveJournal "tww100" Community "Valentine's Day!" challenge.

Fic: The Coffee Mug [All Audiences (wistful)] [Sam]
Summary: Sam packs his coffee mug.

Fic: Everything's Right with the World Tonight [Young Teen (schmoop)] [Donna + Ensemble]
Summary: On the last night of the convention, Donna reflects on the recent changes in her life.

Fic: The Breakup Song [Teen (explicit language, liquor)] [J/D]
Summary: Josh gets drunk and listens to country music after his disastrous meeting with Donna.

Drabble: First Day [All Audiences (schmoop)] [J/D]
Summary: Donna's first day with the Santos/McGarry campaign.

Ficlet: Reason to Believe [Teen (angst)] [J/D]
Summary: Josh wallows and then finds a way to go on.

Ficlet: Monday, Monday [Teen (humor)] [J/D]
Summary: Josh has an afternoon meeting to attend.

Ficlet: And They Called It Ducky Love [All Audiences (fluffy)] [J/D]
Summary: Donna has a secret admirer!

Ficlet: Clearing the Air [Young Teen (fluff)] [J/D]
Summary: Donna and Josh clear the air.

Ficlet: The First "I Love You"s [Mature (sexual imagery)] [J/D]
Summary: Just a little bit of sweet bedroom dialogue.

Fic: Metaphor and Irony [Pre-Teen (solemn, wistful, ironic, metaphorical)] [Will, mentions Toby and C.J.]
Summary: Will finds the contents of the press secretary's flak jacket.

Fic: Another Nine-Point Plan [Pre-Teen (romance)] [J/D]
Summary: Josh writes Donna a note.

Art Project: Joshua and Donnatella: The White House Years
Summary: Volume I of Donna's Scrapbook Collection (Seasons 1 through 6).

Art Project: Joshua and Donnatella: On the Campaign Trail
Summary: Volume II of Donna's Scrapbook Collection (Seasons 6 & 7).

Fan Art Gallery
Summary: Jennie's other The West Wing Fan Art pieces

Life in the Fast Lane
Summary: A Josh and Donna Photomontage set to the song by The Eagles.

Best of My Love
Summary: A Josh and Donna Photomontage set to the song by The Eagles.

Hosted Fic: Sittin' In Committee by Carleton97 [Adult (explicit sex)] [J/D]
Summary: Donna takes Josh to school.

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