Title: Reason to Believe
Date Completed: July 17, 2006
Author: Jennie
Email: jllamb1118@aol.com
Website: Dimples and Distinctive Penmanship Style
Pairing: Josh/Donna
Spoilers: post-ep for Impact Winter
Rating: Teen (angst)
Disclaimer: Soooooo, not mine. They belong to Sorkin and Wells.
Author's Notes: I did a lyrics quiz in my journal and tinhutlady asked for a J/D song ficlet as her prize. This is it! Thanks to strangitegrl for the beta.
Summary: Josh wallows and then finds a way to go on.

Reason to Believe


Someone like you makes it hard to live without
Somebody else

She left me.

I mean I can't believe that she told me she was quitting--in the middle of the bull pen--and then she left me.

I came in the next day with Charlie to announce that the asteroid wasn't gonna hit us and we weren't gonna, you know, die, and I look over at her desk... and she wasn't there. She was gone.

Sure, there was a temp in her chair, and after a few days she had me almost trained, but Donna had left me.

She left me.


If I listened long enough to you
I'd find a way to believe that its all true

I didn't listen to her.

I mean I can't believe that I didn't listen to her--when she needed me to the most--I didn't listen to her.

She was trying to tell me that she needed more--more from me, professionally and personally. But I didn't want to hear it. I was afraid to give her more because I thought that would mean losing her.

Maybe if I had listened, she might have stayed and we could've found a way to make it work--even better than it did before.

But I didn't listen to her.


Still I look to find a reason to believe

What do I do now?

I don't have Donna and work is empty without her. I've got this idea about this guy from Texas and Leo is telling me to have a conversation with him.

So, I'll get on a plane and I'll go have a conversation... and maybe my nine-point plan, that I should've let Donna in on, will come to pass, and I can leave this place. So that I don't have to be here without her.

And I'll get this guy elected. And life will go on.

That's all I can do.

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