Joshua and Donnatella: The White House Years

Volume I of Donna's Scrapbook Collection (Seasons 1 through 6)

A Fan Art Project by Jennie

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Disclaimer: I don't own these people or this universe. Aaron Sorkin and John Wells do. (I'd love to work out a time-share arrangement on Josh, though. *g*)

Artist's notes: I figure that Donna is a scrapbooking sorta gal. But when in the world has she had a chance in the last six years to do very much scrapping? Well, we know how organized she is, so everything she's saved is all in one place and she's working on a scrapping project during her recovery from the injuries and her surgery resulting from her trip to Gaza.

We're all gonna have to suspend our disbelief about how she got some of these photos though. I mean really, no one could've taken some of these pictures of Josh and her when they were alone. And, to make it just a tad bit more interesting, all of her photos are digital and she has some fun in Photoshop with them before she scraps.

I'll be working on this idea for quite awhile, I'm sure, with new installments popping up every so often. The pages will undoubtedly be happening out of order. I know I may be over-reaching, but my goal is one page per episode.

Click on a thumbnail below to see the full-sized page. The scrapbook pages are ordered according to The West Wing timeline, not in the order in which they were produced.

A Flash flip album of the entire scrapbook is also available.

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