Title: Josh's Valentine
Date Completed: February 17, 2005
Author: Jennie
Email: jllamb1118@aol.com
Website: Dimples and Distinctive Penmanship Style
Pairing: Josh/Donna
Spoilers: Freedonia
Rating: All Audiences (fluffy)
Disclaimer: I don't own these people or this universe. Aaron Sorkin does. (I'd love to work out a time-share arrangement on Josh, though.)
Author's Note: I did this drabble as an image of a Valentine Josh sent to Donna. The text of the Valentine is 100 words and reprinted as "real" text under the image, just in case you can't read his handwriting!
Challenge: LiveJournal "tww100" Community challenge #84: Valentine's Day!


Josh's Valentine

Dear Donnatella,

I asked "Chicken Bob" to deliver this for me, but he told me he was never going near you again. Really, Donna, did you learn how to pluck chickens on the farm back in Wisconsin? You almost gave the poor boy a heart attack.

I didn't mean for the chicken thing to get personal with you. Although, I did enjoy watching you over and over again on CNN. You were cute in your righteous indignation!

Maybe someday we can laugh about it together. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

I miss you,


Additional Note: I found this Flash Card when looking for the image of the Valentine Chicken, and thought Josh might have sent it to her as an email as well... but I didn't just want to link to the card. http://www.cardfountain.com/ecards/bottmhrtck05/index.php

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